Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bendigo in Australia

So famous is Bendigo that he has a town named after him - in Australia.

The city of Bendigo is in Victoria, Australia. It was named directly after William Abendego Thompson.

Tales of Bendigo had spred around the world and when one sprightly fighter with a style similar to the well-known Brit emerged down under locals nicknamed him Bendigo, too.

A barren creek where he regularly fought in the 19th century became known as Bendigo's creek. This grew into a town and is now a city.

Many of the current residents of Bendigo are unaware of the city's namesake - or the incredible past that comes with him.

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  1. the bendigo youth choir once collaborated with some english composers and playwriters to perform a musical about Bendigo Thompson. The performance was the premier event at the reopening of the restored Capitol Theatre. it was pretty significant. The Choir was to tour the uk but the tour did not eventuate for lack of funds. I played ben caunt...